Serrula Biopharma: your specialist biopharma fieldwork partner


Serrula Biopharma, part of Serrula Research Ltd., is a specialist biopharma market research operation based in London. Serrula Biopharma offers recruitment and interviewing services for qualitative in-depth interviews, focus groups and workshops, as well as recruitment, design and programming of online quant surveys. We have been active in biopharma fieldwork recruitment for 7 years. We are the preferred provider for several global suppliers in the life sciences sector.


We recruit and speak to the entire decision-maker spectrum, including directors and C-suite respondents, within:

Startups and small biotechs
Medium and large pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies
CDMOs and CROs
Universities / research institutes / hospitals


We work along the entire pipeline, from research to Phase III, and the entire manufacturing process, upstream and downstream. Recent research areas include:

Cell and gene therapy
Precision medicine and cloud software
Enterprise and scale-up solutions
Automation and asset performance management
Microbiology and filtration
Diagnostic equipment and medical devices
Packaging, shipping and supply chain

Geographic coverage

• US/Canada
• China
• India
• Other Asia/Pacific