Qualify The Quantified

The Quantified Self “Quantified Self” (QS) refers to a family of technologies and products now moving rapidly into the mainstream. By and large, these are mobile apps or wearable devices that enable you to monitor something – your activity levels (MyFitnessPal, Digifit, Nike+ Fuelband), your sleep patterns (Zeo), your food consumption, Read more…

The Role Of Big Data In Big Decisions

The new art and science of decision making In a study last year PricewaterhouseCoopers examine the role Big Data has in business decision making to try and understand better how data and analytics play a part. For more see: http://www.economistinsights.com/sites/default/files/Gut_&_gigabytes_Capitalising_on_the_art_&_science_in_decision_making.pdf