Frequently Asked Questions

So you are interested in taking part in market research? Great! Here are some common questions and answers:

Q: I've never taken part in market research before, what should I expect?

A: By giving your opinion you get to influence companies on their current and future products. Businesses need to conduct market research to enable them gain feedback from the public as well as reacting to current trends in the market. Our market research events range from small one on one interviewers to large sessions where we invite hundreds of people to attend. It could ultimately be your opinion that is the one they use to shape future products or services! You can earn between £50-£250 for just a few hours of your time!

Q: What should I expect in a focus group?

A: In many of our research events we hold focus groups with a carefully selected number of participants. Typically this will be in a group of 6-10 people and will last 1/2/3 hours. Our experienced moderator will make sure everyone will get time to say what they feel. There are no right or wrong answers at the end of the day so if you really like or dislike something we want to hear it!

Q: What is Serrula's policy on privacy?

A: For more details on our privacy policy please click here. To summarise, we at Serrula Research take your privacy seriously. If you register or apply for one of our events we can assure you that all measures are taken to ensure that your information is secure and not misused.

The Esomar and MRS codes of conduct form the framework to the work that we do and we take pride in making sure we are as open as we can about the nature of the research.

In all cases you are free to not disclose some information but it may limit the amount of events we can invite you to. We will never try to sell you anything or pass your information onto any third parties without your explicit consent.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: You can register with us by filling in our form here and then you will be signed up to the Serrula Research database. It only takes a minute or two and will enable us to reach out to you should there be a new project that we are recruiting for. Many of our projects are not posted publicly on our website or social media, instead we use our large database to send invitations to only those who are appropriate.

Q: I've signed up to the Serrula database, why am I asked even more questions over the phone?

A: The questions you answered initially give us a snapshot of who you are and whether you qualify. As every project can be different, the requirements we receive from clients can vary significantly and means we need to followup to ask you some additional questions to check if you meet the detail criteria. Eligibility for one our events can be very specific, i.e. you are aged between 20-60, drive a certain car that was bought between a certain time.