With a flair for mixing the traditional with the new, we conduct research on many the hot topic within the ever-exciting fintech arena. From existing institutions to the latest disruptor, not only do we carry our fieldwork, we also keep abreast of latest trends from PSD2 to VC funding.

Case study 1: We have carried out quantitative projects for credit card issuers since 2006, on scales ranging from a few thousand interviews to several hundred thousand. We have a dedicated team who have built up some quite specific expertise in executing these coverage projects in an accurate and timely way. We have broad econometric experience and language skills, an ability to handle, coordinate and interpret large volumes of disparate and disorganised data, and knowledge of how to manage the practicalities of large-scale fieldwork.

Case study 2: We've worked with a number of disruptors in the area of payment systems conducting ethnos across London and Paris for a small business payment provider, focus groups on the topic of in-car payments for an automotive manufacturer and testing of marketing materials for a peer-to-peer platform to make sure their message was strong and clear.