Healthcare Case Studies:

Laboratory Diagnostics

Recruitment, moderation of interviews and full written reports on UK lab equipment:

  • 300+ laboratory managers and hospital decision markers complete telephone and self-completion surveys regarding acquisition of common chemistry and immunoassay instruments
  • Usability testing with dieticians, nurses and speech therapists for product prescribed to dysphagia patients
  • Focus group with GPs presenting a prototype testing equipment for chronic kidney disease

Communicating Diabetes

Large recruitment and moderation project conducted to understand the emotional and rational aspects of communication between medical specialists and patients:

  • The project used a variety of methodologies to study the issue of communications:
  • Focus groups
  • IDIs
  • Patient triads
  • GP triads

Feedback on communications was taken from a variety of respondents:

  • GPs treating diabetes patients
  • Nurse specialists
  • Diabetes patients