TV, Washing Machine and Fridge Freezer Market Research – Sept 2020

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We are conducting a new market research event between the 15th-18th September about high-end TVs, washing machines and fridge freezers.

We are running these online focus groups to talk about why you bought the TV/washing machine/fridge freezer you have. We’re interested in the decisions you made when purchasing, the features that appeal to you and your perceptions of different brands.

Event type: Online Video Focus Group (via Zoom)
Length: 2 hours
Dates: September 15th (Washing machine) / 16th (Fridge) / 17th & 18th (TV)
Slot times: 11am
Incentive: £120 (paid by Amazon Voucher or PayPal the next day)
Age criteria: 20-54
Washing Machine criteria: cost at least £400 + female only + bought in the last 12 months
Fridge Freezer criteria: cost at least £700 + female only + bought in the last 12 months
TV criteria: cost at least £1000 + bought in the last 6 months

To apply we have a few screening questions that will determine if you qualify. Following this application we will ring you if we’re able to proceed further.


More info:
Each online focus group will take place on Zoom. Please note we will need to check your video connection before the session starts and if selected we conduct a test video call with you.

It won't require you to download anything - you'll just have to be online, with a reasonable internet connection, and with a phone, tablet, or webcam-enabled PC/Laptop.

Do you not think you qualify?
We have another opportunity for you to earn some cash. If you are able to refer someone to take part in this study, we will send you a £50 referral bonus payment if they end up participating. All you need to do is make sure they put your name in one of the first questions in the main questionnaire called "How did you hear about this market research?".

Confidentiality and Project Purpose:
We would like to assure you that our exercise has no sales purpose and no attempt will be made to sell anything to you or as a result of your participation. Your feedback and data is only used for research purposes relating to this topic and we follow the MRS and ESOMAR codes of conduct. For more info relating to our privacy policy click here.