Hybrid & Electric Car Market Research – January 2016

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Eco Car Market Research Advert Hybrid Electric

Get Paid £100 Cash To Give Your Opinion On Eco Cars

  • Own a hybrid or electric car?
  • If not are you considering buying a hybrid or electric car for your next car?


Get paid £100 cash to simply take part in research about cars. We will show you different car models which we will ask you to evaluate by using a questionnaire.

Simply come down to our venue in Wimbledon (SW London) on either Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th January and let the decision makers know what you think! Get in touch now – we only have a limited amount of slots and we expect them to fill up quickly!

To apply, get in touch via phone, email or social media. We will need to run through a few quick screening questions and then we can schedule you into a time slot of your choosing.

The sessions are 2 hours long and we have availability throughout the morning and afternoon on both the 2 days.

I would like to assure you that our exercise has no sales purpose and no attempt will be made to sell anything to you at the research venue, or as a result of your participation.

There is a possibility of being selected for a further paid focus group. The composition of these groups is entirely dependent on the answers that you give.

This market research event is open to anyone that meets these conditions. Please share with family, friends and anyone else who you think would be interested. If you and your partner share a car you both can take part.

Call us on 0203 371 3660
Email: applicant@serrula-research.com
Twitter: @SerrulaResearch