Technology Research

Consumers and businesses use and reply upon the internet, smart phones, tablets and computers more than ever. Our research covers topics from prototype design to product launch, features and functionality to future generation technology, as well as brand and model market sizing to usability testing. We conduct research in-home, in-office, mystery shopping, focus groups, in-depth interviews, online surveys, CATI, street recruitment for hall tests and iHUT.

We work closely with clients to design surveys and questionnaires, reporting, live data analysis during FW, while also providing recruitment, full on-site staff, moderation, security and on-site project management.

Technology Case Studies:

• Recruit and conduct F2F interviews with 200 smartphone owners in central location
• Interviewing decision-makers of large companies regarding data storage and enterprise infrastructure applications
• Usability testing a new app, providing feedback of improvements before launch
• Merchant’s m-payment analysis, on behalf of a global telecom association
• Usability trial of new Vodafone application within small to medium sized companies