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"My Husband and I had never been approached to nor participated in anything like this before. So, initially we were a little sceptical.

However, we both found that the staff who lead the initial telephone interviews were very pleasant and answered all our questions clearly and reassuringly. We received comprehensive confirmation e-mails, as promised, prior to the event and a further follow up phone call. At all times the staff we came into contact with at the event were extremely friendly and helpful which made it quite enjoyable to be part of the event.  The arrangements on the day were seamless and all in all a very professional job!

We are really glad that we took part and would very much look forward to being considered for any future such events."

Jill P.

"The car research sessions were well organised and the staff were pleasant and helpful. As promised  there were no high pressure sales pitches or unexpected obligations or hitches. I also found it very interesting."

Ian S.

"Everything was really positive. I was actually surprised at how well I was treated - I felt really looked after. 
I am really interested in these kind of events and based on how this went I have also signed up my husband on the website."

Laura B.

"I appreciated the level of contact and support before and during the visits. The refreshments were most appreciated and the staff were very friendly, welcoming and positive. It was most interesting to compare the different models and then to discuss with other people."

Susan S.

"It was my pleasure coming along to the recent researches, thank you so much for inviting me. Your staff were all so helpful & courteous, it really made the time spent there enjoyable. 

I hope I am able to come along to another research group in the future."

Emma M.

"Can I say thanks for the opportunity to carry out the market research, I found it very interesting and the money was good too!

If required again, I would jump at the opportunity, it was good fun & enjoyable too."

Robbie H.

 "I thought it was really professional and everyone was really friendly and engaging, including all the staff and security. I thought it was very well organised and everything went very smoothly"

Sarah E.

"Just wanted to thank you for putting me in this market research, it was a fascinating experience. If there are any other projects please do keep me in mind."

Waseem A