Why Serrula?

We are imaginative, open, and experienced. We think on our feet. We choose our work wisely and we carry it out conscientiously.

We have experience with all scales of project, from 2-day consultancy to global quant work.

Over the last 12 years we have delivered hundreds of projects for clients and we are confident we can deliver for you.



We have experience in a variety of different sectors including: Automotive, Financial, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, IT/Software/Hardware, Consumer, Construction, Technology, Medical, Telecoms.


We are made up of experienced project managers and have a range of complementary skill sets (including project design and implementation, recruitment, moderation, analysis, presentation).


Over the last 10+ years we've been based in Spitalfields/Shoreditch.....in the heart of London. Not only have we conducted research events in and around London and the South East, we've also run projects throughout the rest of the UK too.

We have a team of regional staff throughout the UK and with access to a pool off multilingual interviewers, we can deliver projects on a global scale.

We are experts in early-stage exploratory work, where classic 'market research' breaks down because there is no market yet. Serrula Research has managed prototype and concept research in telecoms, medical devices, financial services and construction products. We have extensive experience in conducting niche B2C research and source respondents for all qualitative and quantitative methodologies including focus groups, ethnographies, one to one interviews, car clinics and usability testing in areas such as mobile phones, household appliances, cars, apps and some FMCG. We also have expertise in mystery shopping research. Other research services include business intelligence, competitive intelligence, online research including web scraping and web traffic data analysis; competitor benchmarking, market sizing, demand measurement, new concept development, and channel research, as well as mainstream market research. We also serve many leading international market research agencies and consultancy firms.

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