Why Serrula?

We are imaginative, open, and experienced. We think on our feet. We choose our work wisely and we carry it out conscientiously.

We provide the fundamentals of market research, in challenging areas. We work collaboratively with clients whose research aims cannot always be mapped out perfectly in advance.

Whether it's a car clinic, a global market sizing study or a niche B2B recruitment project - we are up to the challenge.

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A common theme of much of our work is the analysis and interpretation of complex real-world networks. We work mainly in the following sectors:
• Automotive
• Consumer technology
• Retail payments systems
• Fintech
• Healthcare
• Biopharma
• Corporate IT

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Our Team

We are made up of experienced project managers and have a range of complementary skill sets (including project design and implementation, recruitment, moderation, analysis, presentation).

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Over the last 12 years we've been based in Spitalfields/Shoreditch.....in the heart of London. Not only have we conducted research events in and around London and the South East, we've also run projects throughout the rest of the UK too.

We have a team of regional staff throughout the UK and with access to a pool of multilingual interviewers, we can deliver projects on a global scale.

Our Recruitment

Within all the sectors that we operate, we've built a panel of willing and suitable participants who are interested in participating in market research. We take pride in being able to find the most difficult to reach respondents and decision makers in the most niche of target.

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Talk to us about your project. Send us your proposal and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.