A common theme of much of our work is the analysis and interpretation of complex real-world networks.

We work mainly in the following sectors: Automotive, Consumer Tech, Retail Payments Systems, Healthcare, BioPharma, Corporate IT and Fintech.


We are well-versed in all of the quantitative and qualitative methodologies that are used in automotive research and we have extensive experience covering a wide variety of topics.  

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Fresh solutions and techniques are accelerating the process development and manufacturing of new therapies. There is an ever demanding need to scale-up production and tailor these products and services for the market. We have built up expertise recruiting senior decision makers and have a multinational and multi-discipline panel.

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Consumers and businesses use and reply upon the internet, smart phones, tablets and computers more than ever. Our research covers topics from prototype design to product launch, features and functionality to future generation technology, as well as brand and model market sizing to usability testing.

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With the rate of innovation and number of solutions increasing, the corporate IT market is moving increasingly rapidly. Cloud based products are becoming an ever growing necessity in this ever evolving business world. With access to a panel of top decision makers all the way from start-up to multinational, we can deliver projects to suit your scale.

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Businesses are more and more using innovative and sophisticated technology to stay ahead in the financial sector. With the digitisation of payments and ease of access that the current generation demands, the industry which includes small fintech companies and large banks is increasingly competitive.

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Service providers and device manufacturers are in constant need of feedback from top decision makers, especially in these niche specialities. We have experience recruiting hard-to-reach senior staff who can give invaluable observations on a new service or product.

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The rapid change in the global payments market is due to an evolution of new technology and a demand for more secure, faster and real-time transactions. We have experience of working on multinational quantitative projects for global card issuers.

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