What We Do

We provide the fundamentals of market research, in challenging areas. We work collaboratively with clients whose research aims cannot always be mapped out perfectly in advance.
Whether it is a car clinic, a global market sizing study or a niche B2B recruitment project - we are up to the challenge.


• FGDs, IDIs, ethnographic studies, shop-alongs, in-car, creative workshops
• Specialist moderators and in-depth interviewers for tech, pharma, health, auto, finance, B2B, construction and consumer.
• Specialist medical and pharmaceutical recruiters - Unlike consumer, medical and pharmaceutical surveys require more mature, better paid and experienced interviewers.
• Our interviewers have at least 5 years experience in these difficult areas


• Retail auditing, exit surveys, dwell time, hall testing, gang surveys, car clinics
• In-home and hall testing capabilities
• Field force for face-to face interviewing across UK
• Controlled by 9 highly experienced regional supervisors
• Partners throughout Europe


• Online surveys, web FGDs, communities (1-7 days), web IDIs, forums
• Mixed methodology surveys using integrated CATI/CAPI/CAWI structure
• NEBU DubInterviewer Platform


• Online, Tele, CATI
• Experience in hosting last scale Quant surveys - (eg. n=20,000 users of an event app to test new functions and advise on future trends)
• 16-seater CATI centre in central London with access to multilingual interviewers
• Native speaking recruiters and interviewers only - Interviewer base speaks over 40 languages
• Central management of international projects
• Client access – research results in time & All calls recorded straight to server where required

For more details on what we can do for you feel free to email us at info@serrula-research.com or call on +44 (0) 207 096 8820